Collaboration EP with Deadly Avenger soon come!!

April 21, 2015

This meeting of minds finally came together in Los Angeles late in 2014. Damon Baxter and Guy Hatfield had mixed in similar musical scenes, with a mutual respect for one anothers work without ever having met! A few drinks deep into a crawl along Sunset however and they had already decided to collaborate on a new project together.

Hypers energetic and driving electronic sound has led to vanguard and award nominated and winning albums (most recently, the critically acclaimed ‘Lies’ in 2014) and has seen him tour the world time and again both as a DJ and a live act. His groundbreaking orchestral rework of his most recent output (‘Symphony Of Lies’) is due for a full release in July of this year as well as a brand new artist album.

Deadly Avenger stepped into the world of film trailers and TV music production having been a leading light in the electronic scene in the naughties. His dramatic soundscapes and razor sharp sound design have graced trailers for The Avengers (Age OF Ultron) , Terminator, Fast And Furious 7 and Chappie this year alone…

The WE KILL GIANTS E.P. has a unique sound all of its own. It fuses their love of hard hitting drama and driving energy with a swagger and verve all of its own.. Deadly’s drones, hits, rise and falls crash headlong into Hypers trademark dynamic riffs, grooves and rock tinged elements and feel fusing Electronica and film score for a forward thinking dance floor…

WE KILL GIANTS Is only the beginning..


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